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Complete, custom web solutionsRecent studies show that consumers are using the internet more than ever when shopping for products and services. It should also come as no secret that a poorly developed site can hurt your changes of attracting those new consumers. In fact, online consumers regularly narrow down their selections based on their experience while surfing those sites. So what's the difference between a good site and a bad site?

Let's break it down into five parts:

1. Visual Appeal
A site should be attractive and with colors that are pleasing to the eye. The use of clashing or overly bright colors may simply cause the visitor to leave before seeing everything you have featured on your site. The site should also compliment your established image. Only a custom designed site can truly reflect your business's image.

2. Navigation
You site visitor should be able to move around your site easily and intuitively. Site visitors who get lost by complex structures and dead end links will simply get frustrated and leave.

3. Site Content
The information on your site should be easy to read and concise. Your content should be specific to your target audience and focused, with attention to quick download time as well.

4. Hosting
Your site should reside on a dependable host server with minimal down time. Even the best developed sites are useless if the server is down for extended periods of time. You selected hosting service should also provide email addresses with your domain name extension to complete the overall professional solution. Take a look at our hosting services.

5. Search Engine Placement
People should be able to find your site using the various top search engines available. If you're serious about your site, you can't simply forget about it once it's "live" on the web. We can also help you cure your search engine ranking headache.

The Template Site Trap
Template site providers have recently been appearing on the web design landscape in greater numbers. Unfortunately, more and more people are falling into the template site trap. Not all template site vendors are completely bad news. But the vast majority of template services on the web make no sense.

The Template Site TrapWhy? A template site technically designs a site one time and sells that design over and over. Instead of a uniquely designed custom site, you will have a site that has been used numerous times, quite possibly by your competition. A template site typically does not allow for much customization on your part either. You can normally add your logo, text and a picture sized to their precise specifications. If your business grows and you need to expand your site, you're out of luck. Template sites are normally not very flexible.

Template sites also include hosting in your monthly fee and the site must remain on their server. As time goes on, the monthly fee may begin to increase year by year. Unfortunately, you are chained to their hosting service. If you cancel your account, your site disappears and you are left with nothing. Do you really want to risk that scenario?

Read more about why template sites make no sense here.



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