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Common Web Design Terms
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  • Blog - The word Blog is actually short for Weblog and is a Web page that is similar to a journal or diary. These are typically updated frequently and can be used by businesses to keep their clients informed of any recent news.

  • Content - Content is the substance of a web page. It consists of the text and graphics that makes up the page. This list of terms is considered to be part of the content. Content lies within the layout or design of the page.

  • Domain (URL) - (the address) Domain names are used to refer to specific computers (hosts) on the internet. They consist of a address and a suffix such as .com, .net, .org, etc. These are sometimes referred to as URLs, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

  • E-Commerce - e-Commerce is the term used for a site application that allows visitors to browse and purchase products online. In simple terms, an e-Commerce site consists of the Shopping Cart system, which serves as the online product catalog, and the Merchant Account to process the financial processing. 

  • Homepage - The first page, and arguably the most important page on a web site. This page typically introduces and conveys the purpose of your site.

  • Hosting - (the lot) For internet users to access a web site, it must first be placed on a host or server computer. When surfing the web, the visitor's computer downloads the site from the host computer through the internet connection. Learn more about hosting here.

  • Hyperlink - Text or an image that is connected to another document on the site or web. A link can be connected to an area of the existing page, another page, a separate site or even a file.

  • HTML - This is one of the most common languages used to write web pages. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language.

  • Metatags - Words and code embedded in the HTML code, or source code, of a webpage. This information is not outwardly displayed on your site, but it provides information about the site's content. The metatag information can also be used by search engines to categorize your site.

  • Resolution - The number of dots per inch on a computer monitor. Typically set at 800x600, but can be set higher with larger screens.

  • Search Engine - Search Engines are basically huge databases containing website information. Some examples include Google and Yahoo. These tools are regularly used by internet users to find sites relating to their search topic.

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - Also sometimes referred to as search engine placement or search engine marketing, SEO is a process of making a site and its content as highly relevant to search engines and internet users. A high ranking on the search engines is extremely important in establishing a successful web site and requires regular attention. Learn more about search engine placement here.

  • Splash page - This is a page that consists of a large graphic or Flash animation which serves as a site's home page. The site visitor is then prompted to click to enter the page. Although they are frequently utilized, splash pages are not effective as a permanent part of a site.

  • Template Site - Pre-designed site that is sold in mass quantities. Template sites allow for very little customization and all content must be formatted properly to fit into the area provided. Find out why template sites don't make sense on our custom design page.


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